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HUGE LED Infinity Dodecahedron with Music Sync by Exoy

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€689,99 EUR
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€689,99 EUR
NEW HUGE LED Infinity Dodecahedron with Music Sync. 23 inch (59 cm) or 27 inch (70 cm) NOT COUNTING THE STAND (included in the package). Undoubtedly the best piece of art we have created so far.

Exoy Dodecahedron is a unique hyperdodecahedron made to impress. The dodecahedron is made out of plexiglass with inward-facing semi-transparent mirror film that creates an infinite number of reflections when looking from any angle. The infinity effect is a breathtaking fourth-dimension representation in our world.

It is an excellent interior decor and an indispensable part of parties, due to the music sync modes. The dodecahedron reacts to the music in real-time, literally bringing it to life, letting you perceive the rhythm the new way.

This is the listing with massive 23 inch (59 cm) and 27 inch (70 cm) high dodecahedrons. We put 2 LED strips on each rib (in the regular dodecahedrons there is only one strip per rib), so the product is much brighter and looks mesmerizing.

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This product is packed into a strong cardboard box with a thick layer of foam inside to protect it from any damage. In case of any damage, we provide the replacement product for free. The products are sent with FedEx.

We can also make custom-sized dodecahedrons, please contact us for a custom listing.