How it works

Wow it is beautiful! Is it magic?

Well, kinda… The infinity effect itself is simple – just put the LED strip between two semi-transparent mirrors facing inside and boom, you see infinite LED strips fading to the infinity.



The rest is, indeed, magic. Our effects take advantage of the symmetry of the products, so the light patterns are always mesmerizing.



We are already offering mirrors, cubes, dodecahedrons in different size, but other shapes are on their ways!



Ok, … How do I control this beauty?

Good for you, no need to set up anything. Just plug it in, enjoy and let it do it’s thing! However, for in-depth settings you can use our mobile apps for Android called Exoy Control.

Our smart algorithm will generate a new color pallet each time the effect changes (each 20 seconds), so no need to worry if you dislike some colors. You can always change those in the app as well. 

Surely, you can control it as well. By pressing the touch button on the controller, you can turn the product on or off. Double tapping will change the effect and holding will switch automatic effect change on and off.

Mobile app allows you to precisely change speed, brightness, choose the effect  and calibrate the microphone.

The products can either be connected to your home Wi-Fi, or you can connect your phone to the Wi-Fi that the product distributes. You can choose the mode by tapping the button 4 times (until the product blinks white), connecting to ESP CONFIG Wi-Fi network and setting up the mode.

mobile app


Don’t worry if it seems unintuitive, we have you covered by providing simple instructions.


Here is a video with the whole connection and control process, if something is still unclear. 


That’s clear, but how do I take care of the product?

Dead simple. First, read the instruction carefully and put the included dampers on the bottom face of the product (you can choose any, but preferable the one next to the connector).

Please, do not leave the product running under direct sunlight or in a very hot environment. It is electronics and electronics overheat!

The products are made out of plexiglass, that is somewhat like a plastic glass. It is durable and can bent, but can also be deformed if the atmosphere is too hot or humid.