About Us

In 2020 the Exoy company was founded by Maksims Rolscikovs, a young Latvian entrepreneur. In August 2020 we started the development of unique lighting equipment and by the end of the year the products became ready to be offered to the market. We have developed products with the unique infinity effect in a cube, dodecahedron, and mirror shapes. The simplest infinity effect is created by putting two semi-transparent mirrors facing one another with the LED strip in between. However, if arranged in a different shape, the effect becomes mesmerising.

Not only the infinity effect is our selling point, but the precise music synchronization feature, mobile app control, and sophisticated modes as well. Each product looks alive when the music is turned on, it reacts to each beat, visualising the composition. The products are designed with a “plug-and-play” possibility in mind, so no settings are necessary, just plug it in and enjoy! 

Currently, my team is working on new shape and size development, we have great plans on making club and festival lighting. There are multiple things I will need to achieve before I can build a sustainable and independent lighting manufacturing corporation that will impress and inspire my customers.

Maksims Rolscikovs